Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Time and Your Life Are Never Wasted

We all know that change is inevitable. But the way people deal with it varies quite a bit. Sometimes people jump in to change with both feet. Other times they don't. Instead they might resist or even get frightened by the new opportunity. One of the big reasons people resist growth and change in their life is that they are afraid to face the fact that they spent so much time holding themselves back up until this point.

Growth and personal evolution show up in many forms in a person's life: quitting a job, losing weight, getting out of a relationship, pursuing a new hobby, moving, traveling... the list goes on and on. When someone experiences change on the inside they begin to feel the urge to make changes on the outside. This inner growth spurs an external result.  Sometimes even when the person does not sense the internal shifts, their soul is beckoning a change and the changes show up in their life without their conscious permission. They might lose their job, begin a new relationship, get pregnant... again the list is endless. Whether it is consciously or unconsciously, our inner life creates our outer experiences. 

When someone puts off making a big change in their life the longer they wait to actually make the change the harder it is to do. They start to look at each missed opportunity as an assault on their worthiness and/or their ability. Also, the longer they wait the more they may start to feel a sense that they have wasted time and wasted part of their life. But the truth is, time and life are never wasted. Things happen just as they should. Even if you spent most of you life denying the voice of your True Self and are left to feel unfulfilled, or even if you are in the last years of your life before you discover your true passions and for the first time feel like you are truly living- nothing about your life was wasted. This was the time frame you and your soul worked out. There are people that may never think they were successful but they leave a breadth of work and a legacy that is from their soul. Would you say their life was wasted?

Do not let your fear that you have held yourself back for too long get in the way of your opportunity to make changes now. Live a life you want to live now. Get healthy now. Explore now. Love now. 

Through the perspective of your soul, none of your time was wasted. Your mind may never understand that. So stop waiting for it to understand.

Your soul (without the help of your mind) will make the most of any and every opportunity you give it: every heartache, every failure, every lazy day, every celebration. Your soul is the premier optimist and opportunist. In everything you do and everything you experience there is a lesson, a blessing or an opening for growth. Your first step is to simply start believing that. And even if you don't believe it right away, just be open to the message, be open to the possibility...


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