Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now offering Embodying You: Personalized Healing Sessions

I am happy to announce that I am now offering energy and spiritual healing services. I call it Embodying You: Personalized Healing Sessions. The name comes from the understanding that we are all embodiments of our own soul, and our soul is who/what we really are. It is derived from the name of this blog because "Embodying Me" is just one of the ways I explore and express my own soul. With that same energy "Embodying You" sessions are designed to assist you in getting in touch with the truth of your soul so that you may express it and live it.


Amidst our fast-paced, technology and business driven society, it is easy to get disconnected from who we really are at a soul level. This disconnect is the main source of suffering for most people.  

My goal is to assist each individual in getting in touch with their True Divine Self so that they may discover that they hold the keys to their own self healing. Yoga, Reiki, and spiritual counseling are used in combined effort to close this disconnect and to reveal any sources of suffering so that they may be re-examined and used for personal growth and soul evolvement.  

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Starting Rate: $50 for 1 hour session