Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Revolution of Consciousness"

From my personal notes - October 30, 2011:  
The reason I am not writing a new blog post is because I am spending too much time on the Internet. I am allowing this to distract me from spending time with myself. In order to write a post I need to allow the message to come to me. The past two that I have written are not formulated in my mind. If they were they would not resonate with the reader. They are from inner wisdom. It may be too much to say they were transmitted from a divine source, but then again that is the only way I can explain it. Whenever I schedule time and try to write, it ends up coming from a place in my mind. I hit numerous roadblocks and the writing fizzles out. Though I have only written two posts and a couple responses to questions, I know the feeling of letting the message flow through me. And I know that when I spend so much time on the computer browsing the Internet and on Facebook, I distract the message from coming to me. 
It is selfish of me.

When we do not allow ourselves to be our truest expression we rob the world of something that belongs here. Distractions are everywhere and they are plentiful. There are the obvious distractions of drugs and alcohol. Then there are those that may not seem as harmful such as television, Internet, music, video games, chatting on the telephone, reading books, watching movies, food, porn, shopping... The list goes on and on. Some of these may seem less abusive but all can be distractions none the less. Each of these activities are not bad in and of themselves. One might say all are fine but "moderation is key." However, even better than that is to say "be aware of your purpose." Why are you reaching for your cell phone every five minutes to check if anyone has called? Why do you spend the majority of your time at home playing video games or on the Internet? Why is there always an electronic device within an arm's reach of you whether you are on the road, at home or at lunch? Have you taken the time to think of why this might be, or asked yourself "how is it affecting me?"

drumboytwo56 posted this

How many times have you sat down at the computer to check your email and a couple hours later you find that you have managed to visit Facebook, do some online shopping, catch up on current events, see what the celebrities are up to, play games, and read your favorite blogs (don’t leave yet!). What were you planning on doing with that time? Me, I was planning on doing nothing with that time and just allowing myself to be me. To exist. To enjoy my own company. But for some reason I spent it taking up company with messages, ideas, and news about things that may or may not be true. Why do I allow the lives of other people to be my entertainment? Why do I let someone else's brain do my thinking? Why is it that I cannot imagine being alone with myself? We spend so much time listening to other people tell us about doctrines and dogmas and rules- what is right, what is wrong and why. We spend so much time letting others tell us how it is when all of our answers and our truth are within us. The more we allow the voices and messages of other people to speak over what we have inside, the weaker our inner voice gets until we may not even hear it at all. 

Steve jobs is a perfect example of a human being who paid attention to his inner voice and lived a life that was true to himself. He was brilliant and created amazing things. But ironically the things he created have served to be distractions for many people from embodying who they truly are. The lesson learned is to not let someone else's truth and life overshadow your own.

The reason I bring all this up is because right now in this life we are being called to end the SEPARATION. We are in a time period in which the Universe* is asking us to come back to who we really are. It is calling us back to the truth. To simplify things for the point of discussion, there are two sides in this Separation:
  1. There is the real You. This is who you are in your soul, your God self
  2. Then their is your ego, your personality, the part of you that you can change superficially with thought and behavior. This is your false self
Because the false self is what we "see" in this life it is very common that we start to believe it is the whole of who we really are. We are being called to close that Separation. We are being called to bring our God self into our daily lives and to know who we are at our essence.

zazaxoohxlala posted this
The call to end the Separation deals with a shift in consciousness on both a personal level and on a universal level. Currently this is very evident on a global, social/political scale. Everything that we are seeing in the media is an example of this shift. In fact, everything we see in our world reflects a part of our soul. For example, there is much debate on the rightness and wrongness of the Occupy protests and the revolutions in the Middle East. Why do we waste our time trying to decide who is right and who is wrong? The reality is, the protests exist. They are happening. We cannot deny their legitimacy because as we see, they are real. I am not here to provide solutions to the conflict. I am not here to explain either side. I am here to point out what it represents. As awakening beings it is time that we look at the world from the spiritual perspective. How do the events of our lives reflect our soul? Why have the protesters manifested what they believe to be oppressors into their existence? Why have the Wall Street workers and banks created people who are calling them out, saying they are corrupt and greedy? We ALL create our own reality. What is your reality telling you about your soul's journey?

Unfortunately a lot of what we do in our personal time is being used in a way to distract us from seeing the truth. The consciousness is rising. And while people are waking up, the pull towards these distractions will become even stronger. The greatest resistance to growth only comes when there is a threat to the way things are.  Now is the time to get to know who you are. Now is the time to understand how your reality relates to your beliefs.

We have a right and responsibility to take part in our lives. Yet, we also have the choice to not take part. We can allow ourselves to be distracted. Or we can show up and be who we were born to be. While this life is your own, you share it with every other piece of life in the Universe. We are all one part of the Whole. How are you contributing? 

*From “I Have Always Liked Fall Best” September 30, 2011:
 Now before I go on throwing that word around I should share with you that I will use the terms "God" "The Universe" "The Mother" "Prime Source" and "The One" regularly and I will mean the same thing every time. You say pot-ay-to I say pot-aw-to.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Universe is Perfect

Envision a steamroller. The steamroller is moving at the exact speed it needs to for the best results. You are walking next to it as it is going along. There is nothing you can do to make it speed up or slow down. You can try as you will to push it, pull it, kick it, stand in from of it. But no matter what you do, that thing is just going to keep going and if you are not careful it will take you down. That is life. There is nothing you can do to successfully change its pace.

What keeps us from finding happiness is this belief that things are not as they should be. And the desire to continuously change, upgrade, improve, and alter everything around us is a symptom of this belief.

We continuously make changes to look how we want to look. The majority of us have experienced it. We want to dye our hair, update our wardrobes, slather our face in make-up or have a doctor cut into our skin to make our body fit an image we believe is better. And how many of us wish there were more time in the day? Or just one more day in the week to allow for relaxation? If we want to blame our problems on the fact that there is not enough time in the day, does that not sound silly to anyone else? Hasn't there always been the same amount of time in a day? And if there was more time, wouldn't we just fill that up too? Then there is the desire to change the minds of others. Through sales calls, convincing, evangelism, arguments and manipulation humans are more often than not, trying to get other people to follow their way of thinking.

But how often do we consider that perhaps things are just as they should be. In reality, life is a forever changing thing. Change is inevitable, so why do we try so hard to make it happen? The wind blows on its own, the river flows when there is water, and we evolve at the right pace when left to do so. Then still, why do we lack content?

We lack content because we do not know, understand or believe one very important fact. That the Universe is perfect. 

Yep. The Universe is perfect. Just as it is. Right now in this moment. And by nature, the Universe will not be the same even just one moment from now, but the one thing that will remain is that it will still be perfect.

Even with all this pushing, all this pulling, all this desire for things to be different; The Universe is perfect. Each struggle, each hardship, each time we step over the edge too far or not enough there is a lesson. There is something teaching us about our nature. We gain understanding of ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbors. It's perfect!
Now you may ask, how can the Universe be perfect when there is so much pain and suffering and brutality?
Because the most painful things are often the most helpful. They are the biggest teachers. Perhaps this is because the painful things are the things we have the hardest time ignoring. Pain is hard to ignore. So why try? You can put as much alcohol, drugs, food, new clothes, and sex as you want on top of that pain to hide it. But it is not going anywhere. Instead choose to look into it. What is it teaching me? What can I learn? Can I learn compassion, can I learn empathy, can I even learn how to take the pain away?

When we go through hard times we are not meant to just look down, close our eyes, put our head in the sand and wait for it to go away. We can't make the steamroller go any faster. We are meant to be present in the hard times just as we are in the easy times.

When we learn how to feel pain, when we learn how to walk through the storm, this is when we find peace. This is when true self love can happen. We are learning how to experience our humanness. When we learn how to feel pain we no longer have to suffer.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I Have Always Liked Fall the Best

What I thought was "the tree starts to fall,"
and I see it never was the tree all.

The leaves get all the glory.
They begin as blossoms of varying shades of pink, purple and white.
They grow and transform to vibrant greens and sometimes reds and purples.
Then even in their dying they steal the show. Reds, yellows, oranges fill those heavy wooden arms before they gracefully fall to the ground.
But I am enamored by the trunk. The strong wooden branches. This is the element that stays true through the harsh, cold winter months.

While it is only a loose comparison, the analogy of the tree is an opening. Aren't we like the tree? The tree creates the leaves, but the leaves are not the tree.

I posted a quote on Facebook yesterday from C.S. Lewis:

"You don't have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body."

It earned many "likes" as clever sayings often do. But how many of us truly live our lives from this understanding? The body, like the leaves, is what the world sees. The way we present ourselves is very much tied to the body. However, the body is not who we are at all. And by body, we can include everything from the body: our words, our actions as well as our body of work, our portfolios. These are not WHO we are. They are simply expressions of our Soul. Our Soul - the piece of us that is in direct connection to God. The piece of us that IS God. . .

Now before I go on throwing that word around I should share with you that I will use the terms "God" "The Universe" "The Mother" "Prime Source" and "The One" regularly and I will mean the same thing every time. You say pot-ay-to I say pot-aw-to.

. . . But back to this idea that our body, our life even, is simply a physical manifestation of who we really are. In any given moment who we really are is guiding us as a human to live out a life that represents our highest expression. With that being said, it is our responsibility to learn how to listen to this guidance. One of our challenges however, is that everywhere we turn there is someone or something trying to influence our decisions and actions. Much of it comes off as advice. Much of it is with the best of intentions. Often times it IS helpful. But to learn how to distinguish between what the world says and what our truth is... that is our goal. We care what our parents think of the career we chose. We allow our friend's opinion to sway which color of shoes we buy. We take the promotion because it will earn us more money and notoriety, but will it bring us the joy that comes with living an authentic life? Even when the people in our lives are not intentional in their influence, the effects can be just as contradictory to where our soul is guiding us. And while taking advice from the world may not lead us to immediate harm, the harm that is caused when we turn our backs on God, the voice inside us, is far more damaging.

The idea here is not to suggest that all advice is bad. It is not to shut out your loved ones. The idea here is to ask Yourself: Am I even asking for help from the The One inside me? Because the reality is, You already know the answers to Your questions.

We don’t need to quiet the world, we just need to identify what we are listening to.

Maybe this is why I have always liked Fall the best. Perhaps it is the shedding of that which is temporary that wins me over. This getting down to the foundation. Because in Fall what we see is so easily distinguished. The separation of leaves from the tree. We can appreciate the leaves, but we see they are not what withstand the inevitable changes of season. All the colors and the death remind us that we can start fresh.
It reminds me of what is real.
 Photo by Jhonathan Florez