Monday, December 17, 2012

What to do in a Flash Flood

From the Viva Institute "May your soul guide you"
We are not only awaiting a shift that is supposed to occur on 12/21/12, we are already in it. We have been for some time now. I do not believe that this is the end of the world. But instead I look at it as the end of the world as we know it. We are in the midst of an ascension to higher consciousness and cosmic existence. This is exciting! But since we have been living at one level of consciousness and light for some time many of us are experiencing some growing pains. The Universe and our Souls are no longer just letting us live mediocre lives. We are being guided to change and growth. And with this change comes some fight and struggle. People are losing jobs that don't allow them to live up to their higher nature. Relationships that do not serve our highest good are ending. Many people are in life transitions that they are experiencing as painful. Although these situations are challenging, people are also waking up to the beauty of their souls and making changes in their lives to follow what they would refer to as a higher calling. Light is pouring onto this planet and into many of us.

With this shift it is very important, now possibly more than ever, to look inwards. To pray, to meditate, to seek communion with one's True Self. Because this shift is not really a choice. We are all a part of this Universe. And the nature of this Universe is to evolve. What we do get to decide is if our personal change is evolvement and growth or devolvement and degradation. Regardless of what we decide we do not necessarily get to choose what this process looks like. While our participation does have influence, the force of this change is much larger than just us. And we must respect our place in the greater whole.

As humans we like to know what to expect out of things. So not having control over how things evolve can be frightening. Therefore we often do what we can to resist this evolvement. We can sometimes be successful in staving it off for a while. But the Universe wins every time and change occurs. We are brought to a new place in our life for better or for worse.

Imagine a flash flood happening, sweeping away everything in its path. If you were to get swept up in the flood what should you do to fare the best? Should you try to grab on to the passing trees, fences or posts to prevent yourself from getting swept away? Or should you just ride with the current? If you try to hold on you risk the possibility of other flowing objects crashing into you. You also exhaust yourself while fighting the current, making it unlikely that you will hold on for very long. Whereas if you just flow with the river keeping your head afloat, you will conserve energy so that you may avoid obstacles better. Eventually the flow of the river will slow and even stop. It is then that you can swim your way out. You will surely be in a different place than you were before the flood. But you will have your energy to make a life. 

The shift of 2012 is like the flash flood. It is happening. The harder you try to hold on to where you are the more likely you will have occurrences crash into you and leave you pretty beat up. I am not saying that flowing with the current leaves you pristine without any scratches, but it conserves more of your essence. And when the the shift slows down you will not have lost who you are at the core. You will be able to adapt yourself to this new mysterious place.

There are a variety of ways for you to stay afloat as we ascend to a higher dimension and as the Universe takes us for a cosmic journey. Yoga, meditation, art, more rest, spending time in nature are all ways that work for me. They help distinguish between what really matters and what is just busy work or a distraction from the greater change going on. I used to be very task oriented and made lists to achieve multiple duties in a day. Not that lists are bad, but they were disconnecting me from my inner needs. Because my life allows it, now I just get done what needs to get done and anything extra is bonus. I replace my busy work with lounging. I also soak up outside time as much as possible. Being in nature helps me stay in touch with my own true nature. 

Yoga and meditation have a way of helping us clear out the junk thoughts allowing the useful thoughts to remain. They more importantly have a way of bringing us into the present moment helping to diffuse issues that we thought were much bigger than they actually are.

Take a few moments where ever you are to
take care of yourself.
This is me at the Miami airport. 
The worst thing that we can do right now is be out of touch with ourselves. Be aware of the methods that you use to distract yourself from inner work. Spend time each day recognizing your heart, your soul, your true essence. Remember that it is there. Do not allow yourself to become separated from this essence. Without it we are empty. This is when we are an open vehicle for darkness and destruction. Most people that do awful things do not choose to do these awful things at a soul level. What happens is they (unknowingly) left themselves open to be hijacked by evil to do it's bidding. This is not to say that this person is innocent. But their biggest mistake was losing touch with their true essence and giving up their divine connection to God-given power and love. I hope that you recognize that this is the main point of this blog and this discussion. Do not be apathetic. Be a voluntary part of the shift and all of the amazing things that it stands for. 

Nurture yourself, honor yourself, love yourself, and enjoy the journey! Align yourself with the beauty of your soul. Like I said before, we are not awaiting the shift. It is already here. We have been witnessing it for sometime. Now is the time to allow it in our lives. Participate in it so that you may choose the Light. And grow from it. You just might discover some amazing things about yourself if you do.