Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rejoice in the Success of Your Neighbor

There is an unspoken, but extremely common desire among humans. This desire is for other people to not be successful. When we talk about success here, the type of success in question may vary from person to person. For instance, while one person wishes others to not be successful in money another might wish others won't find success in love, career, hobbies, etc. This desire is more of an impulse and it is often very subtle. The offender may not even be able to recognize their offense. But this does not stop the fact that as humans we do not sincerely rejoice in the success of others nearly enough. Unless of course, we have already enjoyed a comparable success ourselves. 

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"Why is this?" you might ask... It boils down to believing in two basic lies: inadequacy and limitation. Both of which are perceived boundaries keeping us away from achieving joy and success ourselves. 
Inadequacy- When someone else's triumph brings up our own sense of inadequacy or insecurities it is too painful for some of us to address. Instead these feelings get internalized and show up as us having an aversion to the successful person's joy. In more extreme cases the insecurity shows up as envy or jealousy.
Limitation- When one believes in limitation they might fall victim to thoughts such as, "if they are successful then that leaves less of the pie for me."  This belief is only present when the truth of abundance is not understood or the understanding is not fully developed.
We live in an abundant world. Rather than flowing with and recognizing one's own role in the infinite nature of the Universe, the prisoner of limitation and inadequacy succumbs to feelings of lack and separation. These feelings never feel good so why would anyone waste their life engaging with them? Unfortunately once a person gets into the pattern of feeling lack and separation they often get stuck. The walls of limitation build up around them, trap them and strengthen the separation. 

So how to get out? Do not let your feelings of lack take over! It takes a conscious effort and choice to rejoice in the bounty of another. Even if this bounty does not have your name on it, you can experience the joy of knowing it. Perhaps you get to enjoy it via your friend. Or perhaps you just witness their joy in it. Either way open yourself up. Remove the invisible blocks of isolation. Make yourself available to the loving, joyful, bountiful energy that is the creative force for all of your soul's desires.

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This subject is especially important now because we are in a time of great dissension and surrounded by polarization on the many stages of life. When you feel the polarization it is more important than ever to be conscious of where your energy is going. As the human race we benefit from working towards unity. As individuals we cannot force the rest of mankind to get with the program, but we can be aware of how our actions are creating unity or polarization. Rejoicing in the joy of our fellow humans (whether we have a close relationship with them or not) is one simple and fun step in bridging the gap between us. 

Even when we do not understand their joy, even when we would not have picked their lot, we shall pay attention to the sincere feelings evoked. Do not get caught up in the details, but rather get in line with the energy.


On the comment section below share an experience you have had where you of lived vicariously and joyfully through someone around you. How did this affect your quality of life?


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  1. Your eloquent words ring through with honor and truth. We are all so lucky that you share your brilliant insight...thank you.