Monday, May 21, 2012

Listen and Get Real - Sometimes it's not what you expected

Last week I shared a few simple techniques for you to get in touch with your True Self. This week we will talk briefly about what comes next... 

Q: What is the next step? 
A: To GET REAL with yourself! 

If you take the time to reconnect with your True Self you are most likely interested in what it is saying. So the next step, and often the tricky part, is to LISTEN. The thing is, when your True Self speaks there is a piece that resonates immediately regardless of how far you have drifted away from it. Sometimes the things you hear bring up difficult emotions. It is helpful to know how to respond to these emotions. 

Note the difference: RESPOND not REACT. 
  • Reacting looks like fleeing the scene, fighting and/or discrediting, or choosing to ignore the information you have been given because it is uncomfortable. 
  • While on the outside, responding appears much more subtle. Responding often means actually “doing” nothing at all but sitting with your new information. You will probably think about it and question it’s truth. Then you will allow yourself the opportunity to succumb to it so that you may embrace it. 

Only when you accept the True Self can it flourish in your life. And often flourishing looks NOTHING like you would have expected or planned for your self. But I can tell you, that when you live from your True Self, you do not suffer. This is because the True Self is your direct connection to the source of All That Is, God, The Mother, the Universal Highest Power (all different names for the same entity). And this entity can only serve the highest good of All That Is; which includes every human, every animal, every plant, every molecule. So when you begin living with the guidance of this highest power (this power that you harbor within yourself) your life will have purpose, joy, and fulfillment. You will notice an element of ease even on the hardest day. 

This is not to say that you will not struggle and you will not encounter challenges. But the suffering will fade as you start living in the faith of your True Self and in accordance with the good of All That Is. 

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